Another win !!

After being selected for the A team for the VV Alkmaar v Excelsior game on Friday night but spending the game on the bench, Natasha wanted to play on Saturday with the VV Alkmaar B team as she continues to develop a bond with the B team as well as the A team players. Aaaaannnnnnnddd yes they did it again!
While it was only a friendly and played for the most part in torrential rain Natasha again helped the B team to another win. This time it was a comfortable 1-3 win against the Excelsior B team with which they had a 3-3 draw in the first league game of the season.
The B team is now 3 wins from 4 games (all against league teams) with Natasha playing with them. It is no surprise then that they look like they are really enjoying their football.

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