Training Continues – Yo-Yo test 17.0

Natasha continues to train hard as she organizes her next team and today as a part of training she did a new PB in the Yo-Yo test arriving at level 17 which puts her in the very good category. She also included alot of dribbling, controls and shooting.

Congratulations Spain Women’s Football

As it stands right now, Spain Women’s football is clearly the best country in the world for women’s football. They are current World Champions in the U17W and U20W and just last week the Spanish Women’s team defeated a full strength reigning World Champions USA team 2-0. Add to that, FC Barcelona won Champions League last season and were runners-up this season with a team that composes mainly local juniors and the two time winner of the Balon d’or, Alexis Putellis grew up playing her football in Barcelona.

Numerous times on this site we have provided evidence of the strength of the Women’s football in Spain and especially the Barcelona province as the U19W age group has over 120 teams across 3 divisions with the first division loaded with quality players. When we arrived in Spain the Spanish Women’s team were ranked 23rd and we knew that was changing as we could see the talent developing. During that time they have climbed from 23rd to 6th place and are likely to climb further. Simply by good luck Natasha grew up playing nearly all her teenage football in the Barcelona first division and developed into one of the best players in that competition. Lucky to be in the right place at the right time and being able to compete against incredibly talented football players every weekend which has been major in her becoming the player she is today.

Well Done Spain!!

Back at Barcelona and Training!

Natasha has arrived back in Barcelona after a great time at Adelaide United. While the season was somewhat frustrating due to government covid restrictions, Natasha got to train with a great group of players and coaches and improved her football skills noticeably. Now she is back in Barcelona working hard with her usual training partners and getting ready for her next assignment. More news soon.