Making History!!!!

​While this season has had its frustrations, Natasha is a part of the history making team at Adelaide United. For the first time in the history of the club, Adelaide United Women’s team has made it to the finals. What a fantastic achievement for everyone involved. Good Luck with your very first finals campaign!!!🥳

Training Patiently!

​Natasha continues to train strongly as she awaits the covid restrictions to ease in Australia so she can begin playing with her team. While she waits, her team is performing well and sitting in 3rd position currently.

Debut and Win!!!

Natasha made her debut for Adelaide United in the A-League Women in Adelaide’s first win for the season. While Natasha only played for a minute or so and didn’t have time to touch the ball (lucky for Canberra United) it is her 3rd top league she has played in at only 20 years of age. She has played Barcelona U19 (Spain) U19 first division, Eredivisie Vrouwen (Netherlands) first division and now A-League Women (Australia) first division. She was happy for the teams win and is working hard to adapt to the Australian conditions and looking forward to more game time.

Finally Training with the Team!

After months of dealing with the craziness of our current world, Natasha finally got to train with her new team. Although she was rusty she got a really good feeling and thinks that she will adapt alot more quickly to everything then she did in the Netherlands. She was happy with her first session and is extremely glad to be able to get into the daily routine of training and playing.

Finally Training!!!

​And so the adaptation begins. What many people don’t realize is the big challenge when changing countries for football and the adaptation process that the body has to go through. For Natasha changing from the super hard artificial grass surfaces in Spain to the soft grass surface at Adelaide puts a huge strain on her legs. The key is to control your training load. Everything is focused on adjusting training so she can arrive at the game in good condition. It will take her legs about a month to adapt but she can still train and play in that time but she needs to be clever and patient with increasing her training loads. It takes alot of work and clever management to avoid any injuries yet still play well.

Training Partner Delivers…

​This is a video of Natasha’s training partner (Tim Caroutas) scoring a goal against FC Barcelona U19A on the weekend for a 1-1 result. Tim came to live with us as a 12yo because he was given an opportunity to play in Spain but his family could not make the change. We refer to him as a step-brother or step-son because he has become part of our family. These two have trained with each other nearly every day for about 5 years and they follow each other closely. Two outstanding young football talents.


​Natasha continues with her longest pre-season ever as she navigates the process of getting flights to Adelaide and all the rig moral that goes with it now she hammered out an INCREDIBLE new Personal Best on her Single Leg Partial Squat. She easily belted out 3 repetitions at her previous 180kg on each leg before nailing 200kg for one rep. In fact the weight was so heavy that we could not fit all the weight onto the bar so we had to tie the extra weights onto the bar.
3 x 180kg
1 x 200kg

The Anticipation Builds

Cathrine Paquette of has written a great article on the new recruits for Adelaide United including Natasha. Natasha is soooooo pumped and is busting to get to Adelaide and begin training with her new team. This has been the longest pre-season ever for her and she is just keen to get playing. The current Covid restrictions are making things challenging but she is working hard to get to Adelaide asap.

Continue Building…..

Natasha continues to work hard towards her goal of reducing her 20m sprint to under 3.0s. She can consistently run the 20m in 3.30s but desperately wants to get it alot faster. Today she continued her longest pre-season ever while awaiting the time to go to Adelaide running a very nice 3.18s for the 20m. This is on the back of a 3.10s last week. Still plenty of work to do but positive progress.

Adelaide United !!!

Its official!!!! Natasha will be returning to play football in her home country after 11 years of learning and plying her craft in Europe. Following a stunning season in the Netherlands Natasha decided she wanted to try her skills playing in Spain, however while going through the process of finding a Spanish club she was asked if she would be interested in playing for Adelaide United FC in Australia. The answer was an immediate yes and all the details were organized very quickly. Knowing the effort and resources Adelaide United FC have committed to their women’s team both on and off the field in recent years along with their competitive performance last season and the opportunity for Natasha to return home to test her European football skills in the A-League Women was the perfect opportunity for Natasha. She is pumped and is super excited to get started.